PHEW launches digital insurance chatbot

AI chatbot

Taiwanese digital insurance platform PHEW – a company that works to connect consumers to insurance products – has launched its first chatbot, and as such, insurance advisors can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they can implement and customise the service to help meet their individual needs.

The PHEW insurance chatbot will provide three main services: as a ‘Digital Superpost’, ‘Smart Secretary’ and ‘Data Genius’. As a ‘Digital Superpost’, the chatbot acts as a marketing tool for insurance advisors, allowing the advisor to digitally share new product information and insurance knowledge with existing and potential customers. The ‘Smart Secretary’ feature gives customers a platform on which to interact with the chatbot advisor – including facial recognition, financial needs analysis, retirement planning, risk tolerance analysis and personality testing, the chatbot gives the customer the access and security they desire.

Lastly, as a data-gathering tool, the ‘Digital Genius’ aspect of the chatbot allows the advisor to better understand their customer’s needs, preferences and interests.

Founder and Chairman of Pruwell International (the parent company of PHEW) James Liu said: "The insurance chatbot empowers insurance professionals and enables them to provide better services to their customers, combining AI and human intelligence."

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