THiA’s Travel Insurance Program

online learning
Travel insurance

The Travel Health Insurance Association (THiA) in Canada has created an online training resource accessible to travel insurance professionals and those interested in joining the industry, which will allow individuals to obtain industry-specific knowledge.

The Travel Insurance Program (TRIP) was developed by THiA’s educational department and comprises nine interactive modules that take students on a ‘step-by-step journey’ through all aspects of the travel health insurance industry.

Brad Dance, President of THiA, commented: “I am proud to announce the launch of an in-depth curriculum about travel health insurance that will establish a foundation of knowledge for industry professionals and individuals interested in careers in travel and travel insurance.”

The course is available online and can be accessed 24/7, at whatever time suits the individual. Enrolment costs between CAN$99 and $285 and after completing the course, individuals will earn a certification – while this is not an official licence to practice, it is a recognised achievement of knowledge and a tool with which to gain travellers’ trust.

THiA adds that TRIP will better equip those working in the travel insurance industry for their role and advancement, and in line with THiA’s long-term aim, will ‘ensure a consistently high level of knowledge, quality and integrity across the industry’.