Allianz launches pre-trip reminders

You've got mail!
Company brief

While there has been a welcome increase in the number of travellers purchasing travel insurance for their trips this year, this has not always been accompanied by an increase in awareness of what is and isn’t covered. Whether people simply skim read their policies or are too busy (or, dare we suggest, lazy) to read them at all, many travellers still do not know the ins and outs of their cover.

In response to this, Allianz Global Assistance has introduced pre-trip reminders for its customers. Emails are sent a few days prior to the individual’s departure, containing vital and easy-to-digest information about the benefits, who to call in the event of an emergency, and how to file a claim online. These reminders have been introduced after the company undertook extensive analysis of customer feedback, which revealed that many travellers forget that they buy insurance a few weeks before their trips, or at least do not recall what the benefits are. The emails, it is hoped, will go some way towards rectifying this.

As well as reminding customers of their benefits, giving a link to view the policy and providing information about how to seek assistance, the email also gives the option to download Allianz’s TravelSmart app, which can help to resolve travel disruptions and other emergencies.