Non-euro holiday trends for 2019

Uchisar in Cappadocia, Turkey
Uchisar in Cappadocia, Turkey

A new report published by British global travel company Thomas Cook Group has revealed the top five destinations for UK citizens this summer, and the findings have highlighted an interesting shift in preferences, with 48 per cent opting to travel to non-Euro destinations – up 10 per cent from the same time last year.

It seems that the pervasive uncertainty of Brexit is the driving force behind this partiality to non-EU destinations, which sees Turkey jump up to take the second spot on the top-five list (it ranked number three in 2018), with flight-only bookings to the country seeing a 27-per-cent uptick. The top spot goes to Spain, Canaries and Balearics, which are grouped together as one.

The report identifies the weakness of the pound against the euro as the ‘most likely cause for holidaymakers’ willingness to venture further afield’. And the report also finds that nearly half of package holidays this summer are to non-EU countries. The report notes that, with the cost of travel, accommodation, food and drink locked in, holidaymakers are ‘less vulnerable to the unsteady British Pound’.

Will Waggott, Chief of Tour Operating for Thomas Cook, said: “Britain may be living through unique times from a political perspective; however, our desire to holiday abroad is clear. Thomas Cook’s 2019 Holiday Report reveals that the political turmoil is having an impact in other ways, revealing itself in a clear shift to non-EU countries and a growth in all-inclusive.”

On another note, the report reveals that Tunisia has jumped up to Thomas Cook’s seventh most popular destination from its 10th-place position last year – potentially suggesting that it has returned to favour following the attacks in Sousse in 2014. Meanwhile, Greece, the US and Cyprus came third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Still, Brexit uncertainty aside, it’s extremely important that travellers ensure they take out the appropriate level of coverage when holidaying abroad to avoid incurring huge costs should plans go awry.

Read the full report here.