ABBYY releases new mobile technology

a lady uses her mobile on the go
Company brief

AI technology firm ABBYY has announced the launch of a new mobile capture software development kit (SDK) that enables end-to-end point-and-capture mobile experience, which removes the need for manual data entry and improves customer experience for businesses across FS, insurance, logistics, healthcare and more.

ABBYY has revealed that the number of people who prefer mobile over other channels of communication is increasing with each generation – 55 per cent of millennials want to use mobiles for office tasks, and as 18 per cent of millennials spend two days a week inputting data at work, businesses need to ensure that they are offering mobile-driven services to save time and effort for employees and customers.

ABBY highlights that when using banking, insurance, logistics and healthcare services, for example, mobile users are forced to grapple with lengthy registration processes and manually input information themselves – a process wrought with error risks, not to mention how time-consuming and frustrating this can be. In addition to poor customer experience, this can slow down the process at the company’s end and lead to unreliable and inaccurate onboarding processes.

Using the new ABBYY Mobile Capture, users simply need to take a photo of a document, and this is then entered into an app or back-end process for use in onboarding, registration and verification, and supports organisations’ digital transformation and robotic process automation strategies.

“AI automation on mobile still is not being used by businesses to its full advantage,” commented Bruce Orcutt, Senior Vice-President of Product Marketing at ABBYY. “This creates a massive opportunity for the early adopters of new-generation mobile technologies such as ABBYY Mobile Capture. The SDK benefits both organisations and end users by making mobile interfaces more intuitive, boosting their ease and speed. It is designed for the workforce of the future who are driven by the culture of convenience, prefer mobile for admin tasks, and welcome smarter working practices.”

Mobile Capture is compatible with 63 languages and includes out-of-the-box recognition for over 160 types of IDs, bank cards, MRZ and IBAN. For more information on this new technology, visit the ABBYY website.