New infectious disease tracker

Forbidden sign with virus particle

Metabiota, which provides risk analytics to assist organisations and companies in building resilience to epidemics and protecting global health, has launched a new tracker that can monitor infectious disease threats on a global scale.

The Metabiota Epidemic Tracker is a new platform where events that could impact people, industries and nations can be viewed, analysed and understood. It is optimised for a range of users, including corporate risk managers keen to protect their workforces, travellers and people interested in the global health landscape. 

"Data and reports on epidemics are often unstructured, messy, and difficult to analyse,” said Ben Oppenheim, Head of Product at Metabiota. “A key part of Metabiota’s approach is to carefully collate, structure and validate this data, in order to understand how epidemic risk is unfolding over space and time. This tracker is designed to remove the complexities and deliver a simple and intuitive view of outbreaks around the world."

The Tracker is intended to fill a gap in the market, as Bill Rossi, CEO of Metabiota, highlights: “Until now, there has not been an effective way for organisations to plan for ─ and mobilise against ─ emerging health threats,” he said. “As we saw from the impact of the Zika virus, where travel alerts correlated to significant financial losses for the hospitality industry, infectious disease events can cause a ripple effect of health and economic hardships. This tracker aligns with Metabiota’s mission to make the world more resilient to human and economic health threats by providing an open, focused and balanced view into emerging and ongoing outbreaks.”

A key focus of the Tracker is to help corporations, such as those in the hospitality and tourism industries, that are at risk of epidemics.