UAE travel insurance habits analysed

An idyllic family holiday, made better with proper travel insurance
Travel insurance

A new study from United Arab Emirates-based digital-first insurance service analysing the travel insurance behaviours of UAE citizens has revealed some interesting quirks and trends.

The study found that nearly half (45 per cent) of all travel insurance claims made by insured UAE travellers in 2018 were for lost or damaged personal belongings. Twenty-five per cent of claims were for delayed or missed flights, while only five per cent were for emergency medical situations sustained during a trip.

Additionally, has warned consumers that if they wait until the summer to buy travel insurance for their summer holidays, they could be paying as much as 20 per cent more for policies than those who plan further ahead. The site’s analysts suggest that purchasing outside of the peak booking period of May-August will net a much better deal, as annual premiums reportedly decrease by between 10 and 20 per cent. They also warn families that it makes more economic sense to purchase specific family cover, rather than individual policies for each member; although consumers are strongly advised to check the details of any policy they are planning to buy, as benefits shared across family members may not always be sufficient for a group’s needs.

Regular travellers who take at least four trips annually of seven days or more are also advised that multi-trip policies may be a better bet than single-trip policies.

“With the holiday season approaching, now is the best time for people to start thinking about travel insurance,” said Avinash Babur, CEO of “By making sure they buy the right policy that will cover them for any eventuality, they will have peace of mind when travelling on holiday – a time when they most want to switch off, relax and be stress-free.”