STA Travel drops Brunei airline

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STA Travel has announced that it has dropped Brunei’s national flag carrier airline after the country’s recent introduction of strict Islamic laws that make gay sex punishable by flogging or stoning to death.

The global travel company said that it will no longer be working with Royal Brunei Airlines, and has made the decision throughout its global operations to stop selling Royal Brunei Airline flights. In addition, it said that it is offering refunds to customers who previously purchased flights with the airline and no longer wish to use them.

In a statement, STA Travel said: “We’re proud of our open and diverse culture and we expect our partners to demonstrate the same. We do not support in any way the laws being introduced in Brunei (including on Brunei-registered aircraft and vessels).”

It said that it had taken this measure to contribute to the calls on Brunei to reverse the change in law and in support of LGBTQ+ people everywhere.

Growing numbers of companies are cutting ties with the country, while many Brunei-owned hotels have been boycotted.