AI against jet lag

Sleeping woman with sleep mask
Company brief

I think we can all agree that jet lag isn’t fun. What if we told you that UAE airline Etihad Airways may just have a solution to this unpleasant phenomenon?

The airline is working with Panasonic Avionics to develop and trial wellness solutions to improve the traveller experience. As part of the partnership, Etihad will trial the Jet Lag Adviser, which Panasonic developed in collaboration with Detalytics.

The solution, which will be integrated into the airline’s passenger app, takes a range of passenger inputs, including chronotype, circadian rhythms, height, weight and the nature of travel and then uses travel information such as flight times, routes and zones to produce personalised jet lag plans for passengers. These are created using AI and include tailored advisories to help passengers to reduce jet lag.

“With the Jet Lag Advisor, we can now leverage AI to improve the travel experience. This will be the first of many wellness initiatives we will explore together, and we are excited about our partnership with Panasonic and the possibilities that lie ahead,” said Robin Kamark, Etihad Aviation Group Chief Commercial Officer.

Abu Dhabi International Airport is currently in the process of constructing a new terminal called the Midfield Terminal Complex, to cope with increasing passenger traffic. Further innovative wellness technologies will be employed following Etihad’s move to the new terminal. We are all for anything that makes the passenger experience more pleasant. Bring on the new innovations!