Jets… for pets!


It turns out that humans aren’t the only species that frequent the commercial airline industry. Having witnessed a 104-per-cent increase in pets taking to the skies over the past two years (on board airplanes), VistaJet has announced the launched of VistaPet, a comprehensive programme designed to ensure that all guests feel welcome.

VistaJet’s customer service team will advise passengers on the regulations that apply to their flights and destinations when traveling with pets, including details for vaccinations, microchips, certificates and permits. In partnership with The Dog House, VistaJet can also arrange fear of flying courses for dogs. The four-week course desensitises pets to the flight environment, including the smell of fuel, the sounds of jet engines, cabin air pressure and the movements of air turbulence, which, in turn, will ensure safe and stress-free flights for pets and their owners.

On board every flight, passengers will receive a VistaPet Pochette – a travel bag containing bio-organic pet food from Rockster, to provide pets with high-quality nutrients; Random Rewards treats, a unique mixture of dog training treats created by Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux; Kibble Pet’s Travel Care Kit, which includes water-free shampoos and soothing wipes for salon quality fur care; and Rope toys by Furzu, to keep dogs entertained during the flight.

Furthermore, following advice from clinical veterinarian Dr Bruce Fogle, VistaJet has developed a balanced menu to keep members’ pets hydrated and healthy. VistaJet also notes that cabin hostesses can offer natural flower essences to mix with pets’ drinking water, to aid relaxation during the flight.

And it doesn’t end there: while flying regulations require that animals are kept on leash or in a travel cage for take-off and landing, VistaJet is also promoting a handmade Labbven sleep mat for pets to relax in by their owner’s side. 

And for anyone concerned about sufferers of pet allergies, speaking on behalf of VistaJet, Jennifer Farquhar, Brand and Communications Manager, told ITIJ: "We don’t operate on a seat-sharing model and so all VistaJet flights are private to the person who booked, meaning that whether they travel by themselves or with the cabin at full capacity it is up to them or who they share their flight with. We also organise a full cabin reclean after every flight with a pet to ensure there are no animals hairs or smell left over from the previous flight."