APRIL claims app popular in Hong Kong

Hong Konger using a smartphone app
Company brief

APRIL International Care in Hong Kong announced today that it has received over 12,000 claims via its app since its launch, representing take-up well ahead of target projections. These claims comprise nearly one-quarter of all the client activity recorded in APRIL’s Asian hub up to the end of last year.

APRIL designed the app to make the claims process quicker and more efficient, empowering customers by improving information sharing and enabling the faster settlement of bills. Users of the app – which holds a copy of the individual customer’s electronic membership card – can photograph medical invoices up to the value of US$800, encrypt with a security code and then send directly to APRIL via the app for rapid settlement.

The company has also recently added some upgraded features to the app, including the capacity to locate nearby medical facilities via GPS; check the availability of direct billing services; request a letter of guarantee; check the status of a client’s reimbursements; view claims histories’ and receive relevant news.

“The new APRIL app marks a step change in the way we are able to process medical claims for our policyholders and sets APRIL International Care apart from competitors,” commented Kylee Bees, APRIL’s Customer Journey Manager. “Paper receipts are no longer needed, clients simply photograph and submit their invoices, so speeding up the claims process and increasing accuracy. Moreover, clients are automatically given a detailed history of claims in progress and historical claims.”