Measles risk for business travellers

Business traveller

Measles cases are on the rise on a global scale and employers should conduct detailed risk assessments before sending employees overseas, warns Healix International in its latest World Health Report.

The company, which provides international medical, security and travel assistance services, said that the number of incidents of measles is growing in key countries of interest for UK exports, including Poland, Romania, Italy, France, Slovakia and the Philippines.

“While in adults measles is not generally thought of as a life-threatening illness, it is debilitating at best and could present a threat to the young and old, as well as pregnant women,” said Dr Adrian Hyzler, Chief Medical Officer, Healix International. “It’s vital, therefore, that employers conduct thorough risk assessments before employees embark on overseas assignments, whether that’s just for a few days or longer projects.”

Dr Hyzler also said that the company is particularly concerned about the rate of measles outbreaks in the Philippines and recommends that firms sending employees to the region are particularly thorough in their risk assessments.