Travel challenging for health

Restless night

According to new research from hotel company IHG Hotels & Resorts, four in five people have had trouble sleeping when travelling away from home, which can place a strain on health.

The survey found that the average business traveller loses around 58 minutes of sleep each night when staying away from home and that the biggest causes of a restless night’s sleep are: a different environment (44 per cent), unfamiliar noises (35 per cent) and working late (35 per cent). More than two-thirds of those surveyed (67 per cent) said that they feel more tired when they are away from home.

Dr Steven W. Lockley, Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, US, said LED light can help promote sleep, which is something that IHG Hotels & Resorts is piloting. “It’s no secret that travelling can be challenging for our health, particularly when it comes to maintaining our normal sleep patterns. Light is the major environmental time cue that resets the circadian clock in our brains each day, which is easily thrown off when travelling,” he said. “Having greater control of light exposure when travelling can help promote sleep at the right time or wake at the right time, preserving some sense of sleep normalcy when on the road.”