InsureMyTrip advises on Boeing grounding

Boeing 737
Travel insurance

Following the recent nationwide grounding of Boeing 737 Max jets in the US, many coverage providers can expect to receive an influx of claims. Travel insurance comparison site InsureMyTrip is preparing for that exact eventuality, and has identified the claims that policyholders will most likely file and how coverage may respond, in order to improve awareness.

InsureMyTrip stated that claims over delayed flights may entitle travellers marooned at airports to benefits such as help with meal or accommodation expenses. Policyholders that missed a connecting flight as a result of the grounding and who also have a ‘common carrier delay’ clause in their policy may be entitled to benefits, and those who missed over half of their trip may find potential coverage depending on their policy and the response of individual travel insurance companies.

Travellers who purchased a policy with a ‘cancel for any reason’ or an ‘interruption for any reason’ benefit, who have/plan to cancel their trip or return home due to fear, are able to be reimbursed for a percentage of their pre-paid, non-refundable trip cost (although travellers must meet additional eligibility requirements to qualify for this benefit – insureds should check their individual policies).

The grounding of the Boeing 737 Max jet is certainly an unusual situation; it is difficult to predict exactly how claim validity will alter between companies and individual policies. Travellers affected are advised to contact their individual policy providers, and InsureMyTrip has also extended its services to those insured by alternate providers: “We encourage passengers to read their policy and contact us to get clarification on coverage prior to filling out the paperwork. We are also happy to review policies not sold by us, as well,” said Gail Mangiante, Claims Advocate for the Anytime Advocates programme at InsureMyTrip.