New identity resolution partnership

Online security

Generali Global Assistance and Worldwide Rescue & Security, Inc. have announced a new partnership. Through the strategic alliance, the companies will provide identity resolution services to members of affinity organisations and loyalty clubs. Customers who fall victim to identity theft and fraud will, through the product, have access to the tools and assistance required to repair their reputation in the eyes of financial institutions, lenders, governmental bodies and credit bureaus.

The aim, according to the companies, is ‘to answer the question many Americans ask after discovering their identity has been compromised – now what?’.

In 2018, approximately 16.7 million Americans fell victim to identity theft, warns Generali, and that number is more than likely to rise significantly this year.

“The risk of identity theft continues to grow globally,” said Paige Schaffer, President and Chief Operating Officer of the identity and digital protection services global unit at Generali Global Assistance. “As such we are thrilled to partner with Worldwide Rescue & Security, Inc., helping them deliver valuable identity resolution services and extending peace of mind to their customers no matter where they travel.”