Healthy business travel tips

Business woman in airport

A new CDC Travelers’ Health Update provides tips for US residents travelling overseas for business, with advice on measures to take pre, during and after their trip.

This is particularly useful given that an estimated 4.8 million US residents travel overseas for business each year. The update says that travellers should visit a doctor before they embark on their business trip and that the time to do so is at least a month before travel. Travellers are also advised to consider taking with them a ‘travel health kit’ consisting of prescription medicines, medical supplies and over-the-counter medicines. However, travellers need to be aware that some items may not be allowed in other countries to it’s important that they do their research on what they can and cannot take.

During their trip travellers can implement measures to minimise jet lag by shifting their sleep cycle a couple of hours later or earlier a few days before they leave, keeping hydrated, avoiding alcohol and caffeine, and trying to sleep on long flights. To minimise stress, travellers can make an effort to eat healthy meals, avoid alcohol, rest and stay in regular contact with friends and family. The health update states that if travellers fall unwell during their trip, they should not hesitate to contact a healthcare provider and that if they need help locating a doctor, they can use the US Embassy. If travellers should fall ill after a trip, advice is to contact a doctor and mention their recent travel history.