Cruise cover from APRIL

A cruise ship approaching.
Company brief

There must be something in the air – hot on the heels of the new cruise cover package from VisitorsCoverage on which ITIJ reported earlier this week (and the Berkshire Hathaway proposition launched in January), now APRIL Travel Protection has announced the launch of its own solution for cruise passengers.

APRIL Cruise is now officially available via travel insurance comparison site InsureMyTrip. It includes coverage for transportation and additional expenses that passengers may face when they miss their cruise departure due to a flight delay or any other unexpected obstacle. The plan will pay for a passenger to meet their vessel at the next port on its itinerary; additionally, it covers missed ports of call and features various optional upgrades, including enhanced cover limits for missed departures or lost baggage, cancel for any reason protection, and damage to a rental car.

“Our research indicates that missing a cruise departure due to weather-related flight delays and cancellations is one of the top concerns for cruisers,” said InsureMyTrip CEO Jim Grace. “This plan addresses those concerns with expanded coverage, designed to help cruisers with missed departures ‘catch up’ to their cruise.”

Another feature that APRIL is keen to promote is the enhanced flexibility of the waiver conditions for customers with pre-existing conditions included in the plan; while many travel insurance plans allow a window of 14 days following initial trip deposit in order to meet the conditions of a waiver for pre-existing conditions, with this new plan, providing it is purchased within 24 hours of the final payment for the trip, customers will be covered.

“With many clients depositing their cruises up to two years in advance of the actual sailing date,” explained Jason Schreier, CEO of APRIL Travel Protection, “this feature allows clients to hold on to their money for an extra 24 months without losing vital benefits.”

The plan, which has no age limit, is APRIL’s first niche cruise product.