New SaaS product for brokers

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Insurtech managing general agent Tapoly has announced the launch of a new software as a service (SaaS) solution for brokers.

The product, based on a licensing and delivery model that offers software on a subscription basis, aims to save brokers time, allowing them a greater level of control and flexibility by providing access to a number of on-demand insurance products that can be tricky to obtain otherwise. It also enables brokers to access new revenue streams by accessing the UK’s sharing economy.

“The solution simplifies and speeds up the entire customer journey for the brokers,” said Janthana Kaenprakhamroy, Chief Executive of Tapoly, “who can now generate quotes and on-board customers significantly faster via a managed web portal and online payment gateway. This, in return, frees up that crucial time for brokers to focus on scaling their business, expanding their customer base and tapping into new revenue streams.”

Tapoly’s product has been designed to facilitate faster payments, providing a fully integrated interface through which quotes can be generated and easily communicated to clients.

“There are only a few software houses in the UK that create insurance software,” Kaenprakhamroy explained, “usually charging large setup fees, yet the quote and buy process is often slow and relies on manual input. Our SaaS solution was built with brokers in mind – a clear understanding of real issues that they face and simplifying or eradicating these.”