Starr offers travel cover via chatbot

Cartoon of a chatbot
Company brief

Starr Insurance has announced that it has launched a new chatbot for Facebook Messenger, through which it will sell single-trip and annual travel insurance policies for customers in Hong Kong.

The chatbot makes use of AI, machine learning and natural language processing to offer a streamlined and efficient purchasing process, chatting with customers looking to purchase insurance through mobile phones and social media in order to find the most relevant policy for their needs. A series of questions are asked, and the responses are analysed in order to customise a personalised plan, which is then paid for without a credit card – all of this is done through the chat facility, with no need to connect to an external site. On completion, the customer is emailed their policy, with the whole process taking no more than a few minutes.

Additionally, the chatbot is programmed to answer simple customer questions.

“Starr is the first insurance company in Hong Kong to use a Facebook Messenger chatbot to provide travel insurance services,” said Agnes Cheung, Vice-President and Head of Accident and Health at Starr Insurance. “Applying AI technology simplifies the travel insurance buying process, which is especially important to our younger customers. They travel extensively and are never without their mobile devices. Our chatbot is tailored to their mobile lifestyle.”