Get cover, Canadian spring breakers told

Spring breakers frolic in the sea.
Travel insurance

Canada’s federal Government has issued an advisory to Canadians planning on taking a spring break trip; one of the many tips strongly suggests that they should purchase travel insurance.

The advisory emphasises that irrespective of health status, travel insurance is an essential purchase for anybody heading off on holiday. Gratifyingly, it also says that Canadians should buy ‘the best travel insurance they can afford’, rather than merely settling for a cheap policy that may not actually cover them for the kinds of mishaps they could theoretically get into.

The advisory, as well as hammering home the importance of good quality travel cover, also suggests that spring breakers: check all travel advice and advisories relating to their destination before leaving; register with the Registration of Canadians Abroad service so that they can be updated on any emergencies that may happen abroad or at home; be aware of where they are, stay with friends as much as possible and be on the lookout for unscrupulous characters; consume alcohol responsibly (and be aware that some destinations will take a very dim view of excessive drunkenness); and remember that while some holiday spots may be relaxed about consumption of recreational substances, mostly the consumption, import and export of these substances is banned and will incur heavy penalties. Marijuana, for example, while legal in Canada, is very much illegal in many other countries.

“The Government of Canada takes the safety and security of all Canadians abroad very seriously,” said Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, Parliamentary Secretary to Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. “We encourage spring break travellers heading to international destinations to visit before they leave.”