Cruise passengers fear getting sick

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According to the results of the latest annual cruise survey by travel insurance comparison engine InsureMyTrip, falling ill or becoming injured was the top worry for cruise passengers in the US. Forty-two per cent of respondents said they were concerned about this.

The poll, which took in results from approximately 1,440 Americans who regularly take cruise trips, found that the second highest worry on cruisers’ list was bad weather (37.3 per cent cited this as their biggest concern), while the third most common concern was missing the departure of their cruise (20.5 per cent). Thirty-one per cent of respondents, meanwhile, said that they had at some point suffered from a stomach illness or seasickness while on a cruise.

All of the travellers polled had either researched or purchased travel insurance within the last two years, and 24 per cent had at some point needed to file a travel insurance claim for an issue that occurred while cruising. Medical care required while cruising was the most common reason, followed by trip cancellation due to a medical issue, delay or cancellation caused by bad weather, missed flights leading to the delay or cancellation of a cruise, and lost or stolen items during the trip.

In terms of favoured destinations, 25 per cent of respondents said that the Caribbean would be their prepared cruising spot, followed by Alaska (18 per cent) and Italy (seven per cent).