Falsified rabies vaccines found


According to the World Health Organization, two falsified rabies vaccines have been discovered in circulation in the Philippines and increased vigilance should be taken by hospitals, clinics, health centres, wholesalers, distributors, pharmacies and any other suppliers of vaccines within the supply chains of the countries likely to be affected.

The falsified vaccines are Verorab. This is used for the prevention of rabies in children and adults and can be used to protect those who are at risk of exposure to rabies (pre-exposure vaccination) or to prevent the development of rabies after exposure has occurred, usually following the bite of an animal suspected of having rabies (post-exposure prophylaxis). The stated manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur has confirmed that it did not manufacture these falsified vaccines. There have been no known adverse reactions reported to WHO.

WHO has asked national health authorities to immediately notify it if these falsified vaccines are discovered in their country. It also said that if anyone has any information concerning the manufacture, distribution, or supply of these vaccines, they should contact: rapidalert@who.int.