Healix identifies security threats

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Healix International has published a new report identifying some of the major potential security risks faced by travelling employees in 2019, with a view to educating employers and helping them to effectively discharge their duty of care responsibilities.

The report, according to Regional Security Co-Ordinator James Pothecary, underlines how essential it is for organisations sending staff overseas to employ ‘a wide-ranging scope’ when assessing and mitigating risk.

Three of the primary risks cited by Healix in its 2019 Risk Oracle Report were cyberattacks – with the virtual space increasingly exploited by bad actors aiming to cause widespread disruption – far-right extremism – Healix warns that the increasing normalisation of far-right political discourse will continue to drive radicalisation and violence across the globe – and terrorism, a critical threat that Healix says cannot be underestimated; it cites the increasing available of UAVs as a relatively under-analysed angle of potential terror risk.

“The range of risks now present for those working abroad is probably at its broadest for decades,” said Pothecary. “Not only are there the usual risks of terrorism, but the insidious threat of cyber-crime can undermine employee security, even in countries otherwise thought to be ‘safe’. And, of course, there really isn’t any country that is ‘safe’ anymore – indeed, extremist groups appear to target the countries that were previously thought to be ‘safe’ to give added weight to the message they intend to send.”