Travelling Brits have Brexit concerns


The Brexit turmoil engulfing the UK, by all accounts, does not seem to be slowing down – 59 per cent of Brits reportedly see it as the biggest issue currently facing the country. But is it having an effect on travel habits?

International market research and data analytics firm YouGov decided to find out, convening a pair of online focus groups; one was made up of parents aged 18-40, the other of non-parents of the same age range. Everyone participating had been on a holiday overseas over the past 12 months, and their attitudes to Brexit were wide-ranging.

The aggregated research found that Brexit came third in Brits’ top travel concerns, after crime and terrorism (parents were particularly worried about these latter two factors). Despite this comparatively high showing, however, Brexit does not seem to be affecting travel plans: 60 per cent of Brits took at least one trip abroad last year, and over 37 per cent took two or more. Thirty-nine per cent of Brits said that they were definitely planning on taking such a trip this year, with 50 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds saying this.

When asked which factors would be most likely to have an effect on their travel plans in 2019, 45 per cent of focus group participants cited safety concerns such as terrorism or crime, while 30 per cent said Brexit, another 30 per cent said exchange rates, 27 per cent said visa / passport considerations and 12 per cent cited environmental concerns.

This being said, concern does not seem to be translating into behavioural trends; 76 per cent of Brits said that they were ‘no more or less likely’ to take a holiday overseas because of Brexit.

“To be honest,” said one, “Brexit hadn’t occurred to me in the context of holidays.”

Good luck to them...