AI proposition from Capgemini

Digital brain - artificial intelligence
Company brief

Consulting, technology and digital transformation firm Capgemini has launched a new portfolio of AI-based solutions and services designed to help organisations build and operate enterprise-grade AI in support of sustainable business expansion.

Called Perform AI, the portfolio provides customers with a comprehensive set of solutions designed to help businesses integrate AI into their organisational frameworks, improving operational outcomes, driving innovation and enabling the provision of immersive, personalised experiences for customers. According to the company, Perform AI ‘brings together people, process, data and technology to realise superior, sustainable and trusted business performance’.

Recent research from the Capgemini Research Institute suggests that a combination of unfounded anxiety and ignorance is rendering companies blind to both the genuine risks and the many opportunities posed by AI. Pragmatism, then, should be the order of the day; after all, as forecasts cited by Capgemini estimate, global spending on cognitive and AI technology is due to grow to US$52.2 billion by 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 46.2 per cent over the intervening period. The train is not stopping.

“Most companies have already started to experiment with AI to help them transform certain functions within their business, but those that adopt it effectively and throughout the enterprise will gain true competitive advantage,” said Capgemini’s Group Chief Innovation Officer Lanny Cohen. “To realise true real-world impact and ensure sustained success, companies need to move beyond isolated initiatives to infusing AI into everything they do – from simply changing technologies to shifting the entire game. With Perform AI, we are laser-focused on applying AI to achieve mission-critical, high business impact, resulting in tangible performance outcomes for today and in the future.”

Perform AI aims to help businesses industrialise AI across the breadth of their enterprises, scaling based on the individual needs of the organisation, while seeking to proactively manage any resulting impacts on staff, so that the relationship between employees and AI is a symbiotic one. The process, according to Capgemini, is a holistic one, encompassing all business operations both within and outside of the organisation, with responsible ethics embedded into the framework.

Through this, it is hoped, entirely new business models can be stimulated, potentially representing a quantum leap for organisations involved.