Ebola – an end in sight?

Researchers in lab

The E-word has been everywhere for ages – Ebola this, Ebola that, and always bad news, never good. Well, guess what? The World Health Organization has predicted that there are adequate supplies of an experimental Ebola vaccine to control the outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This is potentially brilliant news and could be the answer to an epidemic that has been raging for months and months with no end in sight.

“I believe we will have enough vaccine to stop this outbreak unless something very dramatic changes,” Dr Peter Salama, WHO’s Deputy Director-General of Emergency Preparedness and Response, told media company STAT.

A clinical trial of the vaccine is ongoing but, according to preliminary analyses, it is working. The vaccine’s provisional name is V920 and it is made by Merck. It was first shown to be effective in a landmark clinical trial in Guinea, and Salama said that the efficacy rate in the current outbreak is above 90 per cent. Promising news that is instilling hope in many.