New deal between AXA and WeChat

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Company brief

AXA Partners has announced a new initiative to bring end-to-end travel insurance services to users of the WeChat social media platform. The ‘mini program’, AXA Go, is managed by AXA TianPing, AXA’s China-based property and casualty company, and is fully integrated into the WeChat Go ecosystem, opening up a potential customer base of over one billion users. WeChat Go is an open collaboration model designed by the Chinese social media platform to invite global partners to provide travel-related solutions for users, including hospitality, airlines, safety, insurance, city guides and other relevant areas.

AXA Go aims to optimise the customer journey for Chinese tourists, covering as many bases as possible pre-travel (including searching and buying relevant insurance and assistance products for a particular destination, and centralising all policy information on WeChat), during travel (including providing one-click 24/7 access to all insurance and assistance services via the social media platform, and providing key safety and security information) and after travel (including paper-free end-to-end online claims provision for 98 per cent of submitted claims – with settlement via the WeChat Pay wallet – and folow-up services such as welcome back gifts and automated earnings in the AXA Go membership program).

“We are proud to provide Chinese travellers with an exclusive on-demand access to travel insurance, assistance and other key travel services, all through the convenience of the AXA Go mini program on WeChat,” said AXA Partners Asia CEO Jérȏme Itty. “The unique and innovative AXA Go mini program, fully aligned with AXA’s payer-to-partner strategy, will help WeChat to enrich their customers’ experience.”