Seven Corners' 25th anniversary

Fireworks celebrating an anniversary
Company brief

US-based travel insurer Seven Corners recently celebrated 25 years of being in business. Beginning in the early 90s, co-founders Justin Tysdal and Jim Krampen started offering just one travel medical insurance product, subsequently branching out and bringing various other disciplines in-house.

“Being in your 20s you think you can do everything, so we thought ‘hey, we can do this’,” said CEO Tysdal. “We thought we could figure out some way to build a better mousetrap, so to speak, so that’s what we did. We borrowed some money from Jim’s parents to start the business off. It didn’t quite go according to plan. We didn’t take off as far as our business plan, so we worked second jobs for a while to get going.”

Their persistence paid off, however; the company now has over 220 employees and is celebrating major milestones.