Several skiers killed in the Alps


Several skiers have been killed in weather-related incidents in Austria and southern Germany, resulting in an avalanche warning for the Alps. People have been warned to stay off the slopes following the deaths.

This past weekend saw three skiers in Austria killed by avalanches, and another in Bavaria. Additionally, two people who went missing while snowshoeing have been found dead near Salzburg, Austria, and a large group of rescue personnel are, at the time of writing, still searching for two other snowshoers who went missing near Hohenberg, according to Austrian news agency APA.

The current high risk of avalanches has resulted in the closure of Austria’s Hochkar skiing region, and the alpine road that shares its name. Both visitors and residents have been told that they should leave the area for their own safety.

More snow is predicted to fall, and mountaineer teams and helicopters are being readied in case more rescue missions are required.