Chubb launches terrorism offering

A burning van.

Global insurer Chubb has launched a new terrorism-related protection product for multinational companies and large middle market businesses.

The new offering, Terrorism Risk Evaluation Services, combines the company’s expertise in terrorism and political violence underwriting, risk engineering, global security, catastrophe modelling and digital expertise, and was developed based on feedback from corporate clients who sought to improve their understanding of terrorism and political violence-related risk exposure for their operations centres around the world, and evaluate their safeguards accordingly.

When a client makes use of the new service, a risk engineer from Chubb will make a detailed assessment of the company’s key locations, analysing the level of risk exposure and the current security setup and providing a location-specific score for local perils, as well as identifying potential targets for terror attacks in the area. A bespoke report is then provided to the client, including recommendations for improvement where necessary.

The package also includes the company’s enhanced bespoke global catastrophe modelling and data analytics service, which has been designed to aid clients when navigating the current risk landscape.

"The threat of terrorism and political violence around the world is an issue which companies need to consider both for the safety of their employees and customers and, also, to ensure business continuity wherever possible,” said Piers Gregory, Head of Terrorism and Political Violence at Chubb. “[Our] multinational customers use facilities in many different countries and the expert insights and analysis provided by our new Terrorism Risk Evaluation Services can help provide them with an accurate assessment of the risk exposures of their buildings and other premises, wherever they might be."