Allianz to deliver Affinity products

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Allianz Partners UK has announced a new partnership with insurer Affinity Insurance Solutions that will see it deliver a range of Affinity’s travel products. It allows smaller travel businesses to now be able to offer these products to their customers.

The partnership will see Allianz Partners UK provide the underwriting and claims handling side of the policies to Affinity’s trade customers. Allianz said that Affinity will benefit from its global reputation, allowing an enhanced level of customer experience on a wider scale.

“Affinity Insurance Services is a great addition to our travel portfolio, as the strategic distribution channel that we have developed between us allows us to reach clients in the industry that may have been unable to offer an insurance solution,” Barry Smith, Travel Insurance Underwriting Manager for Allianz Partners UK said. “Not only does Affinity Insurance Services have a wealth of experience across the insurance landscape to be able to offer expert advice, it has allowed us to expand our footprint within the travel trade sector.”

“We believe that Allianz Partners UK is a great fit for our business due to its well-established roots in the travel insurance sector,” said Nikki Sparkes at Affinity Insurance Services. “Not only can the partnership provide quality products for cover on a UK and European basis, but Allianz Partners UK has the capability to deliver global offerings for any clients that require these products. This collaboration allows us to continue to build on the strength of our relationship with clients across the travel sectors, working together to bring added value to our customers.”