Chubb and GWS in e-learning partnership

A man learning online
Company brief

GWS Production AB (GWS) has announced that it has signed an agreement with insurer Chubb to develop a travel risk e-learning solution for users of Chubb’s Travel Smart mobile app and online security portal. The solution, which will consist of 12 modules, will be integrated into the app.

The two companies signed a global co-operation agreement last year, which included the development of a travel safety solution. The new e-learning provision will be interactive, making use of video and gamification techniques to improve the overall learning experience; users with a trip to a high-risk destination scheduled will be reminded to take the course before they travel, and those with responsibility for travelling employees will be able to monitor which employees have completed which modules.

The solution has also been designed for flexibility, so that should a new threat arise, a new module can be added. Customers will be able to learn in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or French.

“We are very excited about the Chubb Travel Smart eLearning solution, which will provide our clients with the knowledge and skills to improve situational awareness, proactively identify threats to avoid danger and stay safe while travelling,” commented Natasha Reoutt, Vice-President, accident and health multinational business at Chubb. “This eLearning will help our clients to demonstrate their commitment toward their Duty of Care and manage their financial and reputational risks by preparing their employees for international travel.”