Allianz: US travellers favour Europe

A combination of the European flag and a European map.

According to Allianz Global Assistance, Europe remains a highly favoured destination for American travellers, with holiday travel to the continent up by more than 20 per cent this year.

The top 20 destinations in Europe saw airline ticket sales increase by an average of 26 per cent this year compared with last year, almost triple the nine-per-cent increase registered between 2016 and 2017. Three of those destinations, Barcelona, Zurich and Lisbon, registered growth of over 50 per cent – 50.2 per cent, 54.8 per cent and a staggering 103.2 per cent respectively.

Allianz analysed travel data for bookings over the peak holiday travel season for Americans, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, and found that total ticket purchases had increased by 22.5 per cent this year compared with the equivalent period in 2017. London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam and Madrid remained the top five European destinations for US travellers from last year. Unsurprisingly, Lisbon registered the biggest overall shift in its ranking, rising from the 21st to the 12th most popular spot.

“We're pleased to see that American interest in European travel has continued to grow over the past year,” said Daniel Durazo, Director of Marketing and Communications at Allianz Global Assistance USA. “With flights cheaper and more accessible than ever, we expect Europe to continue to gain in popularity as a holiday travel destination among Americans for some time to come.”