Aggregator aims to promote diversity

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Company brief

UK-based insurance aggregator has announced the launch of a new scholarship programme for UK higher education students, designed to help to promote a greater level of diversity in the insurance sector. It is hoped that the scholarship will drive candidates from a wider field of study to take on careers in insurance.

Greg Wilson, Founder of the insurtech firm, said that Quotezone ‘is keen to connect with students that may never have considered a career in fintech’: “While tech companies like ours continue to need computer scientists, and many financial services companies depend on finance graduates, the fintech sector also has a lot to gain from attracting a diversity of other skillsets to the industry, whether that’s law students, liberal arts majors, engineers, philosophy scholars or life scientists. In fact, I graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering, which many of today’s university students might not view as a typical entry point to a successful career in fintech. That’s why our new scholarship programme is specifically designed for students that may never have considered a career in this sector.”

The initiative has been praised by a number of senior figures in politics, business and academia, including a member of the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee, who said: “In 2016 the Economic Secretary to the Treasury announced the appointment of fintech envoys for Scotland to help grow the sector; while this growth has become a reality it appears it may have outstripped the supply of persons with the necessary digital skills. Thus, the announcement by Quotezone that it is to launch a fintech scholarship for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the UK is to be welcomed.”