Disease risks for travelling employees

Pregnant woman holding plane model on her tummy

International medical and security company Healix International has released its October report, in which it identifies a number of potential health issues for travelling workers, with a particular focus on the risks for pregnant employees. 

The report highlights that the rubella outbreak in Japan increases risk for pregnant employees. The report states that the disease can be devastating for those with impaired immune systems or for pregnant women, and Healix International said that for those who are pregnant and unimmunised with MMR, travelling to Japan is strongly discouraged until the present epidemic has been controlled.

“Furthermore,” the company said, “as there is a Europe-wide measles epidemic at present, it is especially important for both women and men to complete their childhood vaccination programme before travelling. Unimmunised pregnant women should not travel to countries with ongoing epidemics of rubella or measles.”

The report also discusses the Zika epidemic in India, which it states is a risk for those considering starting a family, as well as those already pregnant. “To date, 150 patients in India have tested positive for Zika, including 40 pregnant women. As is well known, pregnant women can be especially affected by the virus; a devastating abnormality of the growing foetus can occur called microcephaly, the result of severely compromised brain development,” Healix International said. The report advises that pregnant women and those thinking of becoming pregnant should therefore reconsider their travel plans.