Travel a priority for millennials

Millenials using smartphones

A new study by Contiki, which is a travel booking platform that caters to millennials, has found that most travellers aged 18-35 value travel over other pleasures in life, including Netflix, coffee, alcohol and sex. According to the results of Contiki’s study, for travel, 80 per cent of millennials would give up Netflix, 77 per cent would give up coffee, 73 per cent would give up alcohol and 57 per cent would give up sex. The research also explored the travel frequency of millennials and found that 83 per cent travel 1-5 times per year. When it comes to the time spent planning travel, Contiki found that 57 per cent of millennials spend between one to three hours searching for a place to eat, between one and three hours researching where to stay, and two to four hours looking at YouTube videos and Instagram feeds.