Best winter holiday destinations

Car tyres on winter road

Personal finance website WalletHub has released its 2018’s Best Winter Holiday Destinations report, with a focus on cost and convenience, and has revealed that the top three cold US destinations for winter travel are Chicago, Washington and Atlanta.

WalletHub compared nearly 70 of the largest US metro areas grouped by warm and cold weather, analysing each destination based on 36 key metrics, including the expense and hassle of travelling to each location, weather forecasts, safety and variety of activities.

The report found that the average flight to a popular cold winter destination costs US$279.09, lasts three hours and 32 minutes and has 0.27 connections. Chicago, Illinois, and Columbus, Ohio, were found to have the lowest price for a three-star hotel room at US$42, while New York was found to be the cold destination with the most restaurants per square root of population – 7.42.

For more findings, the full report can be viewed <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="" target="_blank" "="">here.