New product from All Seasons

The UK and Europe.
Company brief

All Seasons Underwriting Agencies Ltd (ASUA) has announced the launch of a new travel insurance product, specifically tailored for incoming visitors to the UK and mainland Europe. The travel insurance provider noted a burgeoning need for a high-quality product, particularly for those travelling from countries where the local insurance infrastructure is less well developed; the new Visit UK solution has been developed with an eye on the potential for overseas visitors to the UK needing to pay for treatment under the National Health Service, similar to those heading to both Schengen and non-Schengen countries in Europe. ASUA’s Lloyd’s-backed solution exceeds minimum Schengen Visa requirements and its benefits are comparable to those enjoyed by travellers from the UK.

“Our vision is to provide travellers to the UK irrespective of where they come from with the highest level of security and customer service,” commented Alex Sharp, Managing Director of ASUA. “Visit UK delivers on this promise and is as much an assistance and welfare proposition as it is a travel insurance policy. We feel this product can give the UK inbound travel industry a big competitive advantage as well as creating a valuable additional income stream.”