The riskiest countries in the world

A world map burning due to extreme risk.

Global risk and security consultancy Drum Cussac has released its 2019 Country Risk Map, illustrating which countries around the world are the most and least risky. Sixty-three per cent of security profesionals are of the opinion that travel has generally become a riskier proposition over the last year, according to recent polling from Ipsos Mori, so Drum Cussac believes that a resource such as this is timely and useful.

The company’s Intelligence and Analysis Services team gave each listed country a rating for 20 possible risk categories, such as political stability, access to medicine, standard of infrastructure and frequency of natural disasters. The highest risk countries were found to be Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya and the Republic of South Sudan, while the country that posed the lowest risk was found to be Aruba.

“Unsurprisingly the Middle East and North Africa emerge as the most high-risk locations for travellers,” said Drum Cussac in a release accompanying the launch of the map, “with much of Africa and Central America also posing threats. Countries from these regions also dominate the individual category rankings, with Syria and the Republic of South Sudan appearing in the top infrastructural, medical and political risk lists as well as the overall top 10 risky destinations.”

On the flip side, the company added: “For countries with a population of more than one million, Singapore, Taiwan and Uruguay emerge as the lowest risk nations, making them the potentially safest destinations for travellers.”