Blink partners with Blue Cross in Canada

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Company brief

Insurtech Blink has announced a new partnership with Blue Cross Canassurance, through which the companies will launch a new travel insurance solution in Canada.

Blink’s tech solution involves the provision of data-driven flight disruption insurance. Through the new partnership, Blue Cross Canassurance will expand its own product offering to include real-time coverage for airline passengers whose flights are disrupted. In order to provide this coverage, the insurer will utilise Blink’s platform, which tracks flight delays and automatically provides policyholders with cash payments, or access to hotel rooms or airport languages where necessary.

“Canada’s travel insurance industry is ripe for innovation,” said Gary Andrews, Blink’s Canadian representative. “To be able to deliver real-time travel insurance benefits that remove the stress and anxiety while travelling, along with eliminating the hassle of completing claims forms, is now the new normal. The Blink approach of partnering with insurers like Blue Cross Canassurance is going to transform the industry.”

Sylvain Charbonneau, President and CEO of the Blue Cross Canassurance Group, commented: “We are excited to be the first travel insurance company in Canada to offer this innovative solution to our customers. Technology is key to providing a unique customer experience and we believe Blink’s platform is best in class for delivering true innovation in travel insurance.”