Europe’s cheapest destinations mapped

A female backpacker on a bench.

Alpha Travel Insurance has calculated the most and least expensive tourist spots out of 60 destinations in Europe, finding that Istanbul is the cheapest. Levels of expense are broken down based on the cost of hotels/hostels, transportation, food, drink and tourist attractions, and the travel insurer has packaged the information in an online infographic, intended as an aid for backpackers seeking to travel around Europe on a budget.

Istanbul, according to Alpha Travel Insurance, costs an average of £16.41 per day. It is followed in the top 10 cheapest destinations by Kiev (£20.04 per day), Krakow (£20.71), Belgrade (£21.25), Bucharest (£21.75), Sofia (£24.44), Budapest (£25.14), Sarajevo (£26.04), Riga (£26.57) and Zegreb (£27.16).

Looking at the most expensive destinations, perhaps unsurprisingly this list was topped by Zurich, Switzerland. A centre of banking and finance, and the largest of Switzerland’s cities, while Zurich may offer high level executive treats for those with money to spend, it seems unlikely that it will become a magnet for budget tourists.

Zurich is followed in the most expensive list by Venice, Oslo and Reykjavik.