Health and safety risks in Indonesia

Cracked concrete

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned that, due to the recent earthquake and tsunami that struck Indonesia on 28 September, travellers to Central Sulawesi may experience serious health and safety risks, and medical care may not be available. It has therefore recommended that travellers avoid all nonessential travel to the province, and if they must travel to the region, they should protect themselves with the following health advice before their trip: make an appointment with a travel medicine specialist to get required vaccines and medicines; pack a travel health kit containing prescription medicines and over-the-counter medicines, first aid supplies, and health insurance card; monitor the Department of State's Travel Advisory and Alerts for Indonesia; and prepare for the unexpected. The CDC’s advice for travellers during their trip is to: prevent illness and injury by exercising caution, avoiding driving through moving water and avoiding contact with human remains; avoiding insect bites; following food and water safety guidelines; avoiding animal exposures; avoiding mould contamination; and getting medical care if they are injured or sick. Following their trip, travellers should see a doctor if they are not feeling well.