Helping insurers improve engagement

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A new technology platform from London-based adtech startup Filed claims that it can help insurers to maximise the engagement from social media campaigns.

The software utilises a machine-learning algorithm, referred to as Dexter, which can help brands – initially insurance and financial services institutions – to create, develop and scale the most efficient and appropriate advertising campaign for their particular business. It shows how Facebook and Instagram can be utilised to find different advertising routes for different segments and demographics and includes an automated budget allocation feature to deactivate poorly performing ads and re-allocate resources as is necessary.

“What used to take experts hours can now be done in minutes,” said Andrew Georgiou, Founder and CEO of Filed. “We are the first marketing automation software that is built with marketers in mind. We know how challenging and time-consuming it can be to manage several campaigns, build/schedule reporting and optimise for results. That is why we have developed our technology and why we have full service backup to give businesses the insights, information and tools they need to build successful social media campaigns and continue with the successes we’ve had so far in boosting client return by 70 per cent.”

The software also allows businesses to see and understand the wants and behaviours of their key demographics, maximising ROI.