ABI offers consumers travel education

A woman looking up important insurance information on the web.
Travel insurance

The Association of British Insurers has announced that it is expanding its Insurance Experiments consumer education initiative to cover travel issues.

The Insurance Experiments, a website aiming to improve customers’ general awareness and knowledge of insurance products, utilises easy to follow animations and colourful infographics, which are promoted on Facebook for maximum reach; this option means that the ABI can reach consumers who might not necessarily seek out educational insurance tools in their spare time – and let’s face it, that’s most people. The campaign has thusfar delivered nearly three million online impressions and thousands have visited the website as a result.

The new travel-related pages cover various key issues such as the importance of properly declaring medical conditions, the need to properly cover adventurous activities, and the many benefits that travel insurance can bring to a savvy customer.

“Travel insurers pay out more than a million pounds every day to support customers who’ve encountered difficulties overseas, with some bills for medical expenses costing tens of thousands of pounds,” commented Charlie Campbell, Senior Policy Adviser for Travel Insurance at the ABI. “Given the importance of having the right cover when something goes wrong, our new Insurance Experiments are designed to encourage consumers to spend just a little longer thinking about the cover that they buy for their trips away. It’s important to not only look at the cost of the policy but to ensure it accurately reflects your personal circumstances and takes account of where you’ll be going and what you’re likely to be doing.”

As far as ITIJ is concerned, anything that helps to plug that pesky awareness gap among the travelling public is worth celebrating…