UK travellers concerned about ‘no deal’

Cards representing the Brexit negotiations between the UK and the EU.
Travel insurance

New research by MedicalTravelCompared, a specialist travel insurance comparison website based in the UK, has found that UK travellers are increasingly concerned about the impact that a ‘no deal’ Brexit would have on their ability to travel within Europe. According to the research, 71.1 per cent of UK travellers are worried about this, with the 41 – 50 age demographic the most concerned, and MedicalTravelCompared has warned that should the UK and the European Union be unable to agree on the terms of a deal – as is looking increasingly likely – the number of people travelling to Europe could drop dramatically, having a major impact on tourism.

Fifty per cent of respondents said that they were either unsure or unaware of exactly what the effects of ‘no deal’ would be, while 27 per cent said that should there be specific rules implemented for travel to each country in Europe, that would make them much less likely to travel.

Additionally, 61 per cent of survey respondents expressed concerns about the impact that ‘no deal’ would have on them travelling with their pets in Europe, while 49 per cent said that they would be concerned about the possibility of higher mobile roaming charges.

“The UK and EU are hoping to have an agreement made by November but with negotiations still ongoing there is a lack information available for what a ‘no deal’ Brexit may mean for travellers to Europe,” commented Tommy Lloyd, Managing Director at the comparison site.

We can but wait with bated breath to see whether the UK finally decides to start taking the negotiations seriously - it's never too late... until it is...