Primera advice from Assist America

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Earlier this week, ITIJ reported that budget airline Primera Air had declared bankruptcy, leaving the fate of many travellers – and any possibility that they might receive refunds – up in the air.

Assist America has published some advice for travellers, although it might not be exactly what they want to hear:

“Unfortunately, Primera Air ceased all customer service operations; therefore, their contact methods are no longer in service either,” said Assist America. “The airline will not be giving any refunds, so compensations or refunds will depend on how you booked the flight and whether you have insurance. The only option to receive compensation from Primera Air is to submit a claim as a creditor – a process which would be very lengthy.

“If you booked your trip through an airline ticket operator, travel agent or tour company, contact the customer service department. They should find you an alternate flight or route, reschedule your trip or reimburse you the full cost of the trip. If you booked the flight above US$100 using a credit card, contact your provider as they will be jointly liable due to Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. If you used PayPal, you may be protected through PayPal’s Buyer Protection Scheme. Finally, if you took an additional insurance on your trip, you may be covered for airline failures.

“For travellers who are currently stranded and looking for alternative flights, a handful of airlines, including British Airways, Norwegian, Virgin Atlantic, Delta Airlines, Ryanair and United, said they will offer stranded Primera Air passengers ‘rescue fares’ through mid-October to help them return home. Travellers should call these airlines to find out more about these offers and have their Primera Air booking details in hand.”