Sompo launches global risk function

A stack of blocks representing aspects of risk mitigation.

Specialty (re)insurer Sompo International has announced the launch of a new unit, which will focus on the provision of advanced, innovative risk management protocols, as well as more traditional tools for controlling and mitigating losses. Called Global Risk Control Services, the unit will operate from within Sompo’s insurance business; it will be headed up by Victor Sordillo, Senior Vice-President of risk control, and will incorporate resources from throughout Europe and the US, utilising the expertise of professionals from multiple safety disciplines, from fire protection and product liability to industrial hygiene and environmental protection.

Sordillo joined Sompo in 2017 and has been a key player in the expansion of the company’s risk management services, contributing to the implementation of customised mobile inspection apps, employee training programmes, assessment tools and various other cutting-edge offerings.

“By building a team of specialised risk control professionals with in-depth knowledge of the risk exposures specific to our client’s operations, we can deliver innovative and consultative risk control services,” Sordillo commented. “Advanced risk management programmes provide value to our clients by reducing their risk exposure, identifying best practice controls, improving efficiency and differentiating their business operations.”