Winter sports travellers keen on apps

A man skiing.
Travel insurance

According to the results of new research commissioned by global travel technology provider Aquarium Software and exclusively revealed to ITIJ, a majority of British winter sport holidaymakers would welcome an app that would enable them to find appropriate travel insurance cover.

Fifty-eight per cent of respondents to the poll, which took in responses from over 2,000 adults, said that they would be likely to make use of a smartphone app that would utilise geolocation to check travel cover and recommend different options to them in real time. The theoretical app in question would, for example, provide a friendly reminder to a customer who had just arrived in Geneva that it would be sensible for them to obtain adequate cover for winter sports.

Interestingly, 65 per cent of women said that they would be interested in an app such as this, compared to only 53 per cent of men. Of those planning a winter holiday over the next 12 months or so, meanwhile, 69 per cent said that it would be nice to have access to this technology.

The future is here

“The good news for winter sports lovers and travellers in general is that such apps are no longer science fiction,” said Aquarium Software Director Mark Colonnese. “Increasing numbers are finding pay-as-you-go insurance an attractive option, but it does rely on consumers remembering what additional cover they may need. But now, apps can suggest types and levels of cover based on your location and likely activities in that location.”

In this new tech landscape, Colonnese went on to say, forgetting to obtain necessary coverage will become ‘a thing of the past’: “Are you snowboarding in Geneva, not just skiing? Check your policy, you may need to pay a few pounds more for comprehensive snowboard cover – and be careful if you like to venture off-piste; is this in fact covered on your policy, or an add-on? It can only be a good thing for all concerned if reports of travellers falling foul of inadequate cover are consigned to the history books.”