AIG: Tech is changing travel

Smartphone used to satisfy travel requirements.

New research from travel insurer AIG entitled What’s Changing the Way You Travel Today? has found that innovations in the tech sphere are driving major changes in travellers’ habits. Modern leisure travellers, AIG states, are ‘smarter, more informed and better prepared than ever before’, and technology is a big influence on how trends are shifting; personalised digital content and special deals and promotions were cited as particular factors.

The research was built around a survey of over 2,000 leisure travellers undertaken over the summer this year by Pollfish. Almost 50 per cent of respondents said that the internet and connected devices make travel better, while 42 per cent said that technological innovations across every segment of travel have improved the overall experience. Thirty-eight per cent said that technology was making it easier for them to find excellent deals, which in turn was enabling them to travel wider, to more interesting destinations.

When asked about specific innovations and advancements that they found valuable, 49 per cent of survey respondents cited online travel booking sites and booking assurances, including for insurance cover. Thirty-four per cent cited loyalty programmes and their attendant upgrades, privileges and benefits, 33 per cent cited new ways to discover and receive personalised deals, and 28 per cent cited promotional incentives. Forty-six per cent of respondents pointed to online travel aggregators and booking sites as essential entities for assisting and satisfying travel requirements.

“Advancements in technology have revolutionised the way consumers can now customise travel to better suit individual trip preferences and budget, including how travel insurance is researched and purchased,” said Jeff Rutledge, CEO at AIG Travel. “As consumers take more control over their travel booking process, all members of the travel industry must step up to deliver a seamless booking experience which, for the travel insurance segment specifically, means guiding travelers to the right products and services for their particular trip.”