Co-op research asks what ruins holidays

Woman annoyed that her girlfriend is on her phone.

As the UK’s summer holiday season comes to a close, Co-op Insurance has carried out some research to determine the most likely factors that could negatively affect a trip. The intention is to help anybody planning a last-minute autumn or winter break to avoid potential holiday-ruining situations.

Co-op’s research found that the thing most likely to ruin a holiday, according to 35 per cent of survey respondents, was falling ill. Thirty-three per cent said that unhygienic accommodation was the worst thing, while 25 per cent blamed loss luggage. Nineteen per cent of respondents cited work-related reasons as the factor most likely to spoil a trip, with 11 per cent citing ‘thinking about work’ and eight per cent citing a call from their boss.

Ten per cent, meanwhile, said that their partner being glued to their phone for the entirety of the trip was the worst thing they could imagine.

“Although some of the situations on this list are unavoidable, being aware of the potential risks on holiday can ensure a holiday isn’t totally ruined,” commented Colin Butler, Co-op’s Head of Travel Insurance. “Travel insurance can provide a safety net when it comes to things such as falling ill on holiday or losing your luggage. However, some potential holiday-spoilers cannot be saved by an insurance policy – so, in some instances, the only solution may be to step away from the social media and towards the sun!”
Or, this may potentially signal an opportunity for insurers for microscopically personalised niche policies, so that a disgruntled holidaymaker can claim against their partner for spending the whole trip refreshing Instagram…